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Dear Friend,

Now, more than ever, diet programs and so called ‘Magical’ weight loss solutions are being thrown your way constantly…

Everywhere you look, some self-proclaimed “fitness guru” promises to melt away those dreadful pounds with a fast & easy program, or workout routine, or magical supplement just released…

But you and I both know, most of that stuff flat out doesn’t work. And even though it sounds way too good to be true, you find yourself purchasing anyway…

In hopes that maybe, just maybe, it could be that secret formula you’ve spent years searching for. And that’s when it FAILS, just like all the others before it…

My name is Danette May, and I’m about to reveal the 100% proven fat loss strategy I’ve used for over 13 years to accomplish:

  • National Magazine Features
  • Local Television Exclusives
  • Features in Fitness Videos Sold Worldwide
  • Collaborations with Jillian Michaels & George St. Pierre
  • Numerous Best Selling products on the market Right Now
  • And Top 10 Placement in World Bikini Championships after three kids!

Before you get skeptical and think that I’m somehow different from you or I was born with “skinny genes” it hasn’t always been this way. I only got where I am today after going through a tragedy that left me in the worst shape of my life.

More on that in a minute…

Now, if you want a super sexy, rock hard body that literally drops jaws in a bikini or swimsuit, gives you a huge spike in confidence when looking in the mirror, or eliminates 5-10 hours per week slaving in the gym…

Then open your ears and listen closely, because this knowledge is closely guarded and kept a secret inside the health industry…

And why wouldn’t it be…Do you really think large corporations that profit millions per month on diet pills, programs, equipment and supplements want you to discover that a simple list of food items at your local grocery store is actually 10x more effective??

Or that you will actually SAVE money every month when eating well balanced meals, ones that are affordable, mouth-watering delicious, and require 5 ingredients or less to make…

By the way, what I’m about to share with you was also the key to getting me through the most challenging times of my life when I was severely depressed and completely out of shape.

And this exact plan later became my

Blueprint for achieving the
body of a magazine fitness model with
the health of a 22 year old.

It all started six years ago…

I was at the hospital about to give birth to my second child. And before I knew it, my dreams of being a mother to a boy vanished in an hours’ worth of time. I lost my son at birth.

Not knowing how to deal with my loss, I fell into a
deep depression. Not wanting to see or talk to anyone…

I didn’t want to get out of bed. I lay there every day
with the covers pulled over my head just wishing
the world would disappear.

My body literally craved him as I went through all the
physical changes of having a baby. My belly was
big, I was sore, and my milk came in so my body
wanted to feed my baby. It was just a constant
reminder that I didn’t have my son.

My body cried out in pain for months.

I eventually started putting the pieces of my life back together. I went back to work and became a mom again to my 5-year-old girl…

But as you know,
life will always throw you curve balls

For starters, I unexpectedly got pregnant again and had my third child – a healthy baby girl. And then… double whammy! Not long after having my baby I got separated and started going through divorce.

Needless to say, I felt so lost and alone. I just wanted to throw the covers over my head again. I reached a point where I truly didn’t know if I had the strength to go on.

Then one day something told me to just go for a walk around the block. I didn’t know if I had the strength to even do that. But I put on my shoes and headed out the door.

As I got halfway down the street I started to hear the most beautiful sound. The birds were singing in the trees. It was like I was hearing their song for the first time. And then for the first time since losing my baby boy, I saw it…a glimpse of happiness.

I literally collapsed and fell to the ground in tears. I wasn’t going to hold it in any longer. I released everything… the pain, the sadness, the anger, the guilt. It all came out.

And then it hit me… in that moment I knew what I had to do. It was the most powerful "aha" moment of my life.

My true passion has always been helping people look and feel their best through nutrition and movement. And I knew that

The Right Nutrition Can Heal Your Body,
Fight Aging and Disease,
and Dramatically Boost Your Mood

That day I decided it was time to apply my knowledge of nutrition and exercise on ME so I could begin the healing process. I was ready to get back in shape, turn my health around, and take my life back.

A few short weeks later, I started experimenting in the kitchen every day to create recipes

Specifically designed with the right
proteins, fats, and carbs to build
lean muscle and kill stomach fat.

But that’s not all… I used ingredients that have natural healing qualities. The simple fact of the matter is The right combinations of certain foods are the most powerful medicine on earth.

In fact, eating these foods boosted my motivation and gave me a huge spike in energy. And I credit eating these foods (and exercising) to healing me…physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I felt alive again. My passion was reignited like a bonfire. I was ready to get back to being my best and helping others be their best.

And it was time to share my message and this knowledge with the world.

Now, as a single working mom with two kids to raise, there’s not a lot of time to spend in the kitchen or at the grocery store. So with working moms and busy people like you in mind, I created

Delicious Recipes With Only 5 Ingredients
that you can whip up quickly
(most in under 10 minutes).

And of course I only kept the recipes that are mouth-watering delicious… because they had to meet the approval of my picky toddlers..

Here’s the kicker… before losing my son I was in pretty good shape. But after following my new recipes and meal plans consistently, I now look and feel better. And I’m in the best shape of my life… and that’s after having 3 kids!

Better yet, all of my clients that I shared my recipes with have been experiencing similar results.

Eating the specific combination of healthy
proteins, carbs, and fats in my recipes was
literally melting the fat off. And that’s by eating
up to SIX meals a day!

Look, I know this is completely contrary to what
you’ve been told about eating to have a sexy and
fit body.
And the truth is, if you’re like most
people, you have been going about it all
But, it’s not your fault…

The big diet companies are purposely giving you wrong information to keep you overweight, because they want you to continue buying their products. It’s time you stopped being led astray by the big corporations that don’t have your best interests at heart.

My recipes are specifically designed for you to eat more food throughout the day to burn more body fat.

Which means

No More Dieting, No More Skipping Meals
and Never Starving Yourself Again

In fact, my recipes have been so effective that after having my third child I slimmed down and entered into the
World Bikini Championship.

There I was…one of the oldest competitors,
a mom of three kids, and in a competition with
hundreds of the top fitness models in the world.
And I placed in the top ten!

This is absolute

Proof That You Need to
Eat More Food to
Burn More Fat

And I’ve spent more than 13 years studying fitness and nutrition, well beyond your average "guru". While many health experts brag about their certified personal training certification, remember, it can be obtained in a couple months or less…

Unlike many of the weight loss schemes on the market, promoted by instant self-proclaimed "gurus", I have a Pre-Med degree and industry certifications to support every single FACT behind my plan.

My specialized recipes have worked miracles for me, all of my personal clients, and now I want to share them with you.

Right Now, I Promise You This Is The
One & Only Product Of Its Kind!

Yep, the ‘real deal’ as many would say…

I set a goal to create the most incredible fat burning recipes to date…recipes I’ve used personally and with clients for 5 years to lose weight and keep it off!

Take a look at some of these deliciously simple, fat-burning meals that have only 5 ingredients or less

Here’s what’s packed inside your recipe guide:


  • 120 recipes (all with 5 ingredients or less) you can whip up in
    minutes, whether at home or on the go
  • Over 50 fat burning grocery store items you Must Have at all times
  • 5 Secret Herbs that increase nutritional values and taste in every meal
  • A simple, yet Highly Effective technique to double your water intake every day
  • 3 Proven Strategies to overcome your negative thinking, and feel better about yourself almost immediately
  • 10 killer fat burning facts you probably didn’t know about
  • 25+ delicious breakfast recipes that Suck Fat Like A Vacuum
  • Nearly 40 delicious, finger licking good sweet tooth and snack recipes
  • 45 Cash Saving, Fat Burning dinner meals you can whip up easily
  • And just about every single recipe I’ve used in the past 13 years to become a magazine fitness model

You are so close to achieving your fitness goals, I’m absolutely certain of it. Problem is, the media and health industry is filled with marketers, not fitness experts.

In a matter of weeks, you’ll witness fat literally melt from your frame like an ice-cube on a warm summer day.

You’ll feel more empowered, more energized, and more sexy than you ever believed possible. And all while eating delicious, easy to prepare meals that actually SAVE you money at the grocery store.

Bottom line…
you need this recipe guidebook.
Everything I learned (and implemented
in the lives of thousands) has proven the only effective way to burn fat and keep it off is through healthy eating.

And not just any healthy eating either. You have to understand the human anatomy and our biological makeup in order to craft meals with precise nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and healthy fats.

Otherwise, your body is literally storing fat
because you’re feeding it the wrong things!

How terrible would it be if you transformed you’re eating habits, ridded yourself of all harmful sugary items, and basically committed yourself 100% to this new lifestyle…

Only to discover your body literally stores fat the entire time…

The sad part is, I see it happen every day. Many of my personal clients have tested all the latest weight loss fads, including healthy eating, and yet the fat remains… Right now, you are living the most important time of your life! Everything you do today, determines how you look (and feel) 10 years from now.

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